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The first ENCLOSE ARE event was held in Burgos

On the 6th and 7th of March 2013, it was held, the first Burgos Awareness Rising Event ARE of ENCLOSE project.

The first day in open to the public format (with prior registration), was attended by over 40 people, including technicians from the municipal departments involved, University of Burgos, Strategic Plan City of Burgos Association , transport operators and delivery companies, shop owners association,…
During the day, the different experiences on urban logistics of the cities of Trondheim (Norway), Lucca (Italy) and Burgos were presented. Memex as project coordinator gave an overview of the project and review the current state of urban logistics solutions, as well as made a presentation of the general scheme and format of SULP Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan and Feasibility Study FS.
The delegation of Lucca was headed by the Mayor of Lucca Mr. Alessandro Tambellini, who had a bilateral meeting with the Mayor of the city of Burgos, Mr. Javier Lacalle, in which they exchanged views on the ENCLOSE Project and served as a base for future collaborations between the two cities.
The second day of the event, was held in roundtable format and limited assistance to the representatives of the stakeholders and municipal areas involved. Mrs. Lara Carrera (Research Group LogiT Transports Engineering -University of Burgos), Technical Assistance for the city of Burgos within the project ENCLOSE, presented the activities carried-out so far for defining Feasibility Study (result of data collection through surveys and appraisals) and working plan to be implemented by Burgos and the work plan for the coming months (Presentation of the actions that Burgos will develop during the feasibility study, analysis of soft measures). Then opened discussion among attendees to collect indications, suggestions and opinions.