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Sustainable Urban Logistic Plans

The concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) was developed in the last years by different EU documents (e.g. Action Plan on Urban Mobility - COM(2009)490 final or White Paper Roadmap - COM(2011)0144 final) and carried out by different EU (and in particular in IEE) projects. Updated and detailed information on SUMP and related approaches are available at www.mobilityplans.eu, developed by the IEE Eltisplus project (2010) where, among the others, it is possible to find guidelines for setting up a SUMP and explanation/details on the proposed methodology.
SUMPs can be partially assimilate to the former Mobility or Transport Plans that many towns/cities (with defined dimensions and characteristics) have developed during the last years to face the transport and mobility problems. ENCLOSE Project consider therefore the Sustainable Urban Logistic Plans (SULPs) as one of the essential parts of the town mobility plan and aims to address the development of the SULP in each ENCLOSE towns, considering its relation with the SUMP.