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D2.1 - Sustainable logistics and freight operation in small/midsize historic towns: review and assessment of the European situation"

D2.2 “Sustainable logistics in European small-/mid-size historic towns: stakeholders goals and User Needs Analysis”

D2.3 - “Sustainable logistics in European small/mid size historic towns: challenges, opportunities and priorities”

D3.1 - "Definition of the pilot measures and redefinition of the performance indicators"

D3.2  - "Definition of the soft measures and re-definition of the  performance indicators"

D3.3 - "Energy-efficient and sustainable freight logistics solutions in small-/mid-size historic towns: ENCLOSE pilots Report" 

D3.4 A-F - "Feasibility and Transferability Analysis of energy-efficient and sustainable freight logistics solutions in ENCLOSE Follower/Learner towns"

D3.5 - "Local impacts assessments and energy, environmental and logistics benefits of ENCLOSE pilots and soft measures"

D4.1 "Summary report on ENCLOSE site visit"

D4.2 - " Training material produced for the study visits", as follows


D4.3.A - "Summary report on ENCLOSE Awareness Rising Events"

D4.3.B - "Summary report on ENCLOSE Awareness Rising Events"

D5.1 - " Cross-evaluation of energy efficient, sustainable urban logistics measures in the ENCLOSE small-/mid-size historical towns"

D5.2 - "A Framework for the definition and implementation of Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans in historic small-/mid-size towns"

D5.3 - "Recommendations and roll-out strategies for energy-efficient and sustainable urban logistics in European historical towns"


D7.1- "IEE Common performance indicators including the baseline and assumption for extrapolation"


SULP PORTFOLIO - Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan developed by 9 European Cities for enhancing the sustainable urban mobility