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Expected Results

ENCLOSE aims to have a general and visible impact on promoting the adoption of good urban logistics practices in European SMHTs, by implementing concrete demonstration actions and rising the awareness of the involved local authorities and stakeholders through a number of local dissemination events and media involvement directly in 13 EU member states and, via the participating multipliers association of European historic towns, indirectly in all EU27 countries .
Within the project lifecycle, ENCLOSE expects to achieve over 50 toe/year primary energy savings and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of about 900 tCO2e/year. In the longer term (2020 objectives) the impact of ENCLOSE is estimated to amount to total primary energy savings of 2.600 toe/year and over 55.000 tCO2e/year reduction of GHG emissions.

Overall, ENCLOSE will achieve the following main results:

  1. Assess the applicability and benefits of energy-efficient and sustainable urban logistics measures specifically targeted to European small-/mid-size historic towns, by implementation of (1) pilot operations in 3 urban centres in Italy, Norway and The Netherlands and (2) feasibility and transferability analysis and the implementation of soft measures carried out in 6 historic towns in Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Rumania, Spain and UK.

  3. Development of Sustainable Urban Logistic Plans (SULPs) in the 9 ENCLOSE forerunner and learner cities building up a suitable framework for the definition of SULPs for Small-/Mid-size historic towns.

  5. Promoting the networking of European SMHTs on the themes of sustainable and energy-efficient logistics, to facilitate the exchange of experiences, promoting the adoption of SULPs and investigating policy-level issues to define a strategy to ensure long-term sustainability of the designed framework for SULPs for SMHTs.