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ENCLOSE project, based on the real applications carried out by the forerunner towns and on the consolidated experiences of some partners, aims to provide and disseminate viable solutions for urban energy-efficient transport by:


  1. addressing specific needs, requirements, options and priorities of European SMHTs, demonstrating and assessing feasible and sustainable solutions and releasing a specific SULP (Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan);
  2. qualifying the demand of European SMHTs for sustainable, energy-efficient urban logistics and freight distribution solutions, generating and spreading the knowledge about good practices and suitable strategies for effective integration logistics schemes in the overall urban mobility and, more generally, town governance policies (SUMP);
  3. investigating and assessing the operation of “green vehicles” (FEVs, PHEVs, Bio-gas) and fleets in urban distribution and other logistics schemes from the point of view of the needs and requirements of in SMHTs.