ENCLOSE (ENergy efficiency in City LOgistics Services for small and mid-sized European Historic Towns) is a project funded by the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy– Europe (IEE) program whose activity aims to help to organisations willing to improve energy sustainability.
Launched in May 2012 and running until November 2014, ENCLOSE has the main objective of raising awareness about the challenges of energy efficient and sustainable urban logistics in European Small-/Mid-size Historic Towns (SMHTs) and about the concrete opportunities to achieve highly significant improvements and benefits by implementing and operating suitable and effective measures, schemes and framework approaches specifically targeted to such class of urban environments. Some experiences and successful innovative schemes exist in Europe providing convincing evidence of the feasibility and benefits of the approach. Building on and expanding such experiences, the ENCLOSE project will enable removing barriers and sharing knowledge about feasible solutions for the vast number of European small-/mid-size historic towns, investigate and demonstrate the transferability of solutions and pave the way for the dissemination and future take up of energy-efficient and sustainable urban logistics solutions in the largest possible number of small-/mid-size historic centres throughout Europe.